Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dokumen Rahasia Wikileaks Indonesia Suspected Leaks

Wikileaksis an international organization headquartered in Sweden. Website Wikileaks published the secret documents while maintaining the confidentiality of his sources. The site was launched in 2006. Wikileaks Indonesia reported or rumored to have occurred leaking of the documents held by state united states that have been published by WikiLeaks the media. But is it true? is yet known about the truth, but now the whole world is on a hebohkan with whose name WikiLeaks where gossip spread that it seems the media reported the news - news that a secret but broadcast here.

Description of detiknews sources said that WikiLeaks will soon leak over 3,000 diplomatic wire from the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta and the U.S. consulate general in Surabaya. With the gossip spread of data - the U.S. belong to this important data, then the Foreign Ministry of Indonesia has to anticipate this by first asking what the U.S. Embassy about the contents of wire that will be preached or leaked it. And while this is still under investigation whether the U.S. data are leaked?

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