Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ucapan Tahun Baru 2011 | Happy New Year 2011

Kata Ucapan Tahun Baru 2011 – The new year 2011 less than 2 days we will close in 2010 and changed the new year 2011, would not be complete if we did not utter another word for happy new year 2011 we are good friends via sms new year 2011 and fuel new year 2011 (the Blackberry messenger greeting the new year 2011). Let's say each new year with the following words, can we convey to our friends and our relatives.

Ride carts
Enjoying the beautiful scenery
Does not feel right in change
Hopefully a beautiful year
Success is always in the year 2011!

This year is it passed,
Like an arrow released from the bow.
A new dawn in the coming year,
Hopefully a new sheet is better.
Happy new year 2011
Hopefully, more advanced and successful ..

Eating tomatoes with a kangaroo
There are fish frozen in ice chest
I hope always success

The year 2010 will end
A lot of what I did wrong and silaf
Of course, I hope your forgiveness born
So smile ... we show later in the year 2011

Met the new year 2011.
hope "faith always adds,
charity always istiqomah,
rizqi and age are always a blessing,
pray always mustajabah,
all that we have always benefits lii'la'ikalimatillah,
Amien ..

The days turned into ..
Month change ..
Year was changed ..
New Year new hope ..
Keep the spirit ..
Happy new year 2011

Out of the car after the parking
Seeing the pretty girl
Hepi new year
Oh sweetheart!

New Year?
New friends,,
New boyfriend,,
New clothes,
This new style donk!
Anyway the new "deh ..
Met the new year 2011 .. yahh!

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