Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Download Video Nurdin ali sayyidin | Lyrics Nurdin

Video sayyidin now become famous and well known by the title of the song Stop Ali Nurdin. Where lyrics lagu nurdin ali It contains about the form of public discontent against the policies that keep the canal PSSI maintain its position as ketum PSSI Nurdin Halid. Lagu Nurdin ali This dinyayikan by 3 personnel youth home from Bandung city, is famous since emerged Video diyoutube around on 23 January 2011

Video Nurdin ali: now it has reached over 5000 people who download these videos Sayidin Nurdin ali. Singerlagu nurdin ali that there were 3 young men named Abdullah Fadil (24th age) and Andry Irawan (23th age) and the guitarist is Rezka Fahmi Fauzi (Age 22th)

Here's the second Fadil said in an interview with basecamp disebuah Sayyidin Bojong Koneng Street Band, "The initial idea to make a song with this theme of the manager while still tuh-do team. And then I wrote the lyrics and then with each other, Make straight day song so "

The following words and Dawn who claimed several times to watch directly into the stadium GBK Indonesian national team when competing in the AFF Cup some time ago, "Just as the thoughts of others who are also fanatical football, I love passionately and annoyed with Nurdin Halid. protested deaf. Then I thought Sayyidin for making the song satire "

Here are the lyrics lagu Sayyidin (Hentikan) Nurdin Ali

repeatedly went to prison was also wary
politicization of corruption is increasingly becoming
one problem two problems
one head but so many problems
* courtesy of
halalkan every way
maintain the position for personal gain
do not want to be blamed
Ali Nurdin what kind of man you

stop (stop Nurdin) everything
you're not supposed to be there
stop (stop Nurdin) immediately

unconscious self more and more people hated
like the man had no self esteem
you do not care conscience
and make the hurt any of you say the pledge

shameless (shameless), more than just a parasite
Indonesia exclaimed, tanggalkanlah your job

repeat reff

a story of a real story
a corrupt, corrupt in Indonesia yeah

Ali Nurdin quick stop, quick stop oh yeah [2x]
stop everything, you're not supposed to be there
stop immediately

repeat reff

corruption, politicization, exploitation, manipulation, stop Nurdin Ali [4x]
corruption, politicization, exploitation, manipulation, please Nurdin!

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