Thursday, January 27, 2011

Train Collision in Banjar | Train Accident banjo

Foto Kecelakaan Kereta di Banjar | Train collision South Pearl and South Railway Station Kutojaya langensari Banjar on this Friday on January 28, 2011 claimed many victims were injured and three passengers died, which is not yet known about the identity of these fatalities. In addition, passengers who were seriously injured victims is estimated to 7 people and injured as many as 3 people lightly.

Train accident on banjo It began as a South Kutojaya KA Bandung-Kutoarjo which was stopped at point three it was hit by a train station in South Pearl who was driving from Surabaya to Bandung. While this is expected to more victims of the train that rolled Kutojaya almost the entire carriage. And meurut information currently informed of the location, there are still victims trapped. Until now, the evacuation of casualties and injured victims have not all of them could be evacuated.

The following comments bambang being involved in the process evakuai train crash victims on the banjo, "The focus of the first evacuation, and care of passengers to get to their destination station". Meanwhile, the entire rescue and evacuation teams have been deployed to the scene, Including mobilized heavy equipment to normalize the overturned cart. Police officers and wargapun in droves to help korbang train collision on the banjo.

Let's see the result of an accident Photos KA on banjo (South Pearl railway VS South Kutojaya KA):

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