Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Foto Ambarukmo Plaza Kebakaran | Amplas Fire

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Sandpaper Yogyakarta fire yesterday afternoon on January 12, 2011 around 5pm. The fire probably derived from the second floor due to a short circuit. Fire at Plaza Ambarukmo this result in fear and to get out of the store Jogya Ambarukmo Plaza. Overview Ambarukmo sandpaper when it fires, extinguishing a car fire about to go directly to the location of fire but the fire had spread up to the kiosk suft planet.

The fire could burn a few stalls on the second floor, but still can be overcome by two units of fire trucks, where black smoke was seen when looking out of the car park entrance on the west plaza Ambarukmo Yogya.

To reduce the victims of shortness of breath because of heavy smoke from the burning fabric, then the police immediately menungsikan all visitors and employees in the Ambarukmo to be evacuated. A number of firefighters began to get into the plaza to tame the red rooster. And after less than 3 hours of the fire can be tamed by the fire department.

Here are photos of fire sandpaper Ambarukmo others:

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