Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sms Cinta | Sms Sayang

Ucapan Sms Cinta – Indeed, when we love someone, we would be embarrassed to reveal the words - words of love from our heartstrings. Not that we dare not mengungkapakn word love, but we are afraid that if we rejected our love when we dare to express our feelings of love. If necessary we can also express our feelings of love through sms love or love letters to people we care about.

Well, so from there with this blog I intend to give a choice sms cinta / words - words of love that you can say indirectly. Here is the latest collection of love sms, please select:

Ku jadikan kau yang kedua
Bukan berarti tak cinta
Aku dan dia hanya sementara
Tak perlu lagi kau pertanyakan
hatiku hanya untukmu
Berikan waktu jadikan engkau satu-satunya..

I ngelakuin it all for you
For I love you
I also do not want to lose you
I hope we will together pobud
Despite the many shortcomings that I might disappoint you
But definitely
I'm not far from you

I learned my tuk leaves made of paper
I made my break twigs tuk pen
My tear drops made my tuk ink
Then I wrote that ..
I love you

Just a little while you hurry to leave
Taste miss you now lodged in my mind
Love is the gift that can not be easily tuk release
Though a thousand obstacles
Undeterred me to undergo all with you

I just want to spend my evening with you
I just want to hear your voice
I want to hear your words that can soothe me

I know, I'm not the best
I would not be as you wish
And maybe my love is not perfect
I just want to be part of your story line

Why do I love you
Love to you
Once I was far away from you?

You came to me crying
You come home I cry
What will continue kaya gini?

Not stopping kumenangis
No stopping my heart sad
and kept the remaining time kumeratapi
Just for you
But I did not know until when this happened

If you know
I do not want you to go
Leave me alone with bayangmu
If you are here
I go through life with care and love you
If you created for me
Kan kurangkai beautiful story just for you
I Love U..

Silence ..
I'm just friends deserted
Enjoying the beautiful bayangmu here
Own ..
I caught myself
Along the foot steps
Missing ..
LL right away and never come back again

I do not know
Why did the day I love you more
I'm more afraid of losing you
I want to keep with you

One that I asked you believe
This heart for you
Everything I do for you
More than a word for you love

Wherever we are indeed far it seems
Indeed we are not together
If indeed we are destined to be together forever tuk
Love would not be where to ..

Lelahmu so lelahku also
Bahagiamu .. bahagiaku definitely
Share, our destiny is always
Unless each of you fall in love
Where do I seek sobriety
When you move away
Because until now you have yet to return
Where can I find identity
When all my waiting no means ..

Okay, so a collection sms cinta to help you to mengungkapakn your feelings to your partner via sms - sms cinta diatas.

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