Friday, January 7, 2011

Case Arumi Bachsin The Long and Broad

As a result of runaway cases Arumi Bachsin the second of 3bln ago, Maria's mother Lilian Pesch as Arumi Bachsin describes two effects when found at Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta, Friday (7 December 2011) in the presence of Bachsin Arumi case that would not go over, namely the First , sister Arumi, Alilla Bachsin so embarrassed to go to school "

And also the exposure Arumi Bachsin a second mother is. "Yeah, got two weeks not because of inferior schools. But do not quit school. His brother inferior, he said 'kakaku really like this, why my parents told a case of it'. Arumi May check to school, how my family? Our family is open. Yes shame, who is not ashamed to be treated like this, ".

And besides it is also a lot of the abandoned Bachsin Arumi contract and because the case is expected dibatakan Arumi Bachsin kidnapping. And who is more feared more by the mother Arumi Bachsin is the threat of contract cancellation penalties will soap operas and some ads that have contracts Arumi Bachsin

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