Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mandala Bangkrut | Mandala Closed

Pesawat Mandala Bangkrut and declared closed on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 approximately at 9an night. Mandala airlines estimated closed or went bankrupt due to last year's polls that suck a lot of cost for the procurement of election year ago. The cancellation of scheduled flights mandala was causing the passenger plane was very surprised because the closure mendala plane or theater newsmandala bangkrut This is very sudden, there was not even notice.

Disappointment of the passengers of this mandala is very large and can lead to mistrust of consumers or users of the aircraft in the country due to cancellation or bankruptcy news mandala very sudden and there was no prior notice. Is it for transportation services in Indonesia will no longer terkoordiner?? or who is to blame for this sudden news broke mandala?

The government now only think of to divert the flight schedule mandala mandala is canceled because of this bankruptcy to other airlines. The plan will be transferred to the aircraft water lion and Batavia, but has not been acted upon will kepastiaannya. News broke this mandala plane made a profound disappointment for those who have purchased airline tickets theater.

Here's one of the main interview from which pissed because Fanny had already bought plane tikrt mandala to CS officers, Wednesday, January 12, 2011, "I'm just disappointed in him now, a sudden and that too of how these media? I have some accountability! ". And some are even tickets to bring the patient berobatpun had also canceled and there is no certainty to be transferred to another plane.


  1. diksinya aneh bener deh ... bingung bacanya ...

    balik lagi k SMP sono, belajar bhs indonesia

  2. bener,, bikin berita kok morat marit bahasanya... dari segi isi sudah bikin bingung, ditambah bahasa yang tidak tertata..

  3. Wah Temanku Juga Udah Pesan..Untung aku ga Jadi Pesan kmren..Ampun.........

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