Saturday, February 5, 2011

Adjie Meninggal Dunia | Foto dan Video Adjie Dead

Kronologi meninggalnya Adjie Massaid Chronology of the death of Adjie Massaid indeed a big question for the fans Adjie Massaid, because death is very sudden Adjie Massaid where previously Adjie Massaid in a healthy state without complaining pain at all while playing futsal before the night he breathed last.

On Saturday the 5th of february 2011 news Adjie Massaid died suddenly made heartsick for the ditinggalnya keluarhga. And besides it also from the actors as well as other lawmakers. The following chronology of the death of relatives expressed Adjie Adjie, Linda Djalil. Actor and member of Parliament in after undergoing its activities as a member of the House of Representatives, Linda reveals Adjie play football in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta on Friday (4 February 2011) afternoon. Not as usual, Adjie playing less than two rounds at once.

Saturday (02/05/2011), said Linda Adjie Massaid about death when found on the TPU Jeruk Purut, South Jakarta, said, "He's playing football in the Valley of machinations. Go home he was driving himself." , On arrival at her home in Taman Cilandak, Angelina Sondakh husband was complaining of shortness of breath and chest pain. Until finally, Adjie who now also serves U-23 national team manager, fell while in the living room. And immediately Adjie Massaid immediately rushed to the hospital RS Fatmawati.

Linda said, "Nearly 11 pm, he fell to the floor. Then, Angie immediately ran to the hospital Fatmawati". Linda said the team physician RS Fatmawati handle Adjie for two hours. Unfortunately, life Adjie it can not be saved. Adjie died on Saturday (02/05/2011), about 1 hour 15 minutes or less

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