Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Antonius Richmond Bawengan | Religion Case Defendant in Waterford

Antonius Richmond Antonius Richmond This court case that resulted in riots Waterford (Waterford Riots Video), the mass rampage disappointed with the decision because the judge who just fell on the defendant Anthony Richmond where the criminal penalty of 5 years only, where the masses want Anthony Richmond hidaup or punished for the rest of the death penalty.

Here's the origin of Richmond Bawengan Anthony case, Anthony Richmond Bawengan a suspect case in Waterford blasphemy that occurred Tuesday in District Court in Waterford. The case which occurred on October 3, 2010 This activity originated from the defendant to distribute books that are considered disturbing residents. Where the case of Anthony Richmond since October 26, 2010 Bawengan ago in court Waterford.

Romo said Budi, who ensnare Anthony Case begins about a year ago, namely in the year 2010. At that time, Anthony Richmond who holds KTP Jakarta, came to Waterford to visit the home of relatives. In Waterford, he even caught the law for spreading pamphlets and books that provoke it while insulting Islam and Catholicism.

However, due to court cases Bawengan Anthony Richmond today, where a judge decides a prison sentence Bawengan Anthony Richmond is just 5 years in prison alone. Direct Massapun not accept the judge's decision and make an anarchist riots and led to the burning of three churches and the destruction of Christian schools.

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