Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dewi Persik dan Nicky Tirta date

Dewi Persik dan Nicky Tirta, Depe dan Nicky TirtaDepe dan Nicky Tirta - Dewi persik Nicky Tirta dating is now a celebrity gossip and hot palng first place fans gossip artist. Peach goddess who is often referred to as this Depe lords have long widowhood shaiful jamil, but now Peaches reportedly close to Nicky Tirta who is a former girlfriend Garnetta Haruni it.

Goddard gossip news peaches and Nicky Tirta makes an uproar among the celebrities due to unexpected tau-tau Depe closely coupled with Nicki tirta in a film shooting location.

The following comments Dewi Persik when found in the FX Music, Senayan, South Jakarta, "I say baseball had a boyfriend or not have a boyfriend, not avalible but I definitely single". Yes but his name must have been looking for-seeking infotainment news and gossip combined into a polished combine more sip.

Even the latest gossip, Goddess of peach and Nicky Tirta rumored to be getting married. Are these rumors true? we look forward to it next. It is not denied, the owner of the original name of the Great Goddess of Moria very happy to be close to the bespectacled man. The 'Shake Saw' is not even hesitate to praise the actor Kidnapping Miyabi. Indeed, this peach goddess, despite being a widow but seductive and hot abis.hehehe

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