Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mulan Childbirth

Mulan melahirkan son of Ahmad Dhani on Saturday at around 1:00 pm and was still in the hospital for treatment. Is it true gossip or news of the birth Mulan?. Indeed, the news has become infotainment main topic of this Day. Mulan Jamela reportedly gave birth to her third child at Pondok Indah Hospital (RSPI), South Jakarta. However, when re-confirmed, RSPI party denies this. Is it the secret process of childbirth Mulan Jameela Ahmad Dhani these?

According to the results of monitoring the reporter seconds on Saturday 26 February 2011, contained a list of patient names RSPI board had listed the name of Miss W. Where a suspicious coincidence that the original name of Mulan Jameela is Wulansari. Similarly, one public relations firm RSPI, "No name or Wulansari Mulan."
But there are also some resources that explain that Mulan is currently being treated on the 3rd floor of the hospital. He also revealed room Mulan is very exclusive. And also concealed the existence of mulan at the hospital. Firm the source, "there is Mulan on the 3rd floor but not everyone can get in, let alone a journalist"

And also the gossip Mulan Jameela kecurigan if delivery is to a source who spotted Mulan in Pinang Mas area, Pondok Indah, Saturday afternoon, the house is quiet. An Alphard car with license plate number B 8999 IG enter tersebut.Dari garage in a car seems a pair of men's and women's old age is a parent suspected of Mulan. Assistant Mulan was accompanying them. And note also the condition of mulan home in an empty condition without any occupants of the house.

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