Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Property Houses Rise Along With Price Building Materials

Property Houses Rise Along With Price Building MaterialsProperty Houses 2011 - residential properties will rise sharply this month because of building materials rose in early April. The increase in prices of buildings for property house nearly 1.5% of the price of building materials last month. For example just paint the walls of the building material price of $ 50 to $ 57 in April 2011.
PropertyThe increase in housing prices make the office a little property having trouble selling homes, especially the housing sector. The increase in property is what makes this house utamannya cause of building materials and also increase the influence alinnya of needs and the growing population more and more. Property is estimated to come home pad in 2013 will rise about 30% of house prices ditahun 2011.

With the rising house prices higher and higher, many properties that choose to build minimal housing and residential land use dipinggiran big-city land prices are still cheap. And residential property would prefer the use of land to build houses with an area of a minimalist as well, which targeted the property pembisnis currently prefer to middle class people who need affordable housing is cheap and ordinary people.

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