Monday, April 11, 2011

Smadav 2011 | Download Antivirus Smadav Rev. 8.4

Smadav , Smadav 2011Smadav Antivirus has been able to provide the best service for computer users to protect their computers from virus attacks the computer. Smadav able to release a new version of "Smadav Rev. 8.4 "which was released in 2011 and also often diseput also with the name smadav 2011.

Smadav Antivirus is able to be daretan 10 major antiviral and teruptodate trusted. Smadav additional features and a variety of features which is an improved version of smadav first. Smadav 2011 is devoted to local eradication of the virus with features Smad-Behavior that can identify new local virus that does not exist in database Smadav of his behavior when infecting the system on your computer.

This latest Smadav also coupled with Smad-Ray feature that can scan automatically flash when installed within a maximum of 5 seconds. For those of you who want to try the benefits of antiviral smadav 2011, you can mengdownload trial version. However, to get the full version smadav 2011 you can download a version of pro smadav to get all the features are presented in full smadav and its serial number 2011 was officially smadav

Download smadav 8.6 now

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