Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moge and Motor Sport

Gallery Moge Motor Gede - Who is not familiar with the term "moge", which often made ​​race prestige big city to show a collection of big-bike motorcycles gedenya their own aliases. Moge is now the target of the consumers who love motorcycles and motorcycle collection of motor sport. Prices for motor and motor Moge sportpun not including low prices, but the price can exceed the price of sports cars and other luxury cars. Just imagine, for a single motor can be up to hundreds of millions MOGE and also there is a price to reach billions of rupiah.

One type moge the most expensive and most famous brand is moge with Harley Davidson, while for motor sport's most expensive and famous usually similar or Honda ducati sport. It is true they say, if MOGE and motor sport is devoted by consumers rich and heavy penghobby motor.

Many people are now chasing moge motors and motor sport motorcycle is to have to import them from abroad and from the pabrika motor sport. Motor moge spot and it was only fitting owned by rich people with money and really heavy penghoby these motors.
Let's look a little neighbor type of motor sport as well as new moge the latest trends at this time of the search results in google:
Moge gallery

Motor Sport gallery

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