Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ford Fiesta vs Honda New Jazz

City car that became the target consumer today is a city car Ford Fiesta and the new Honda Jazz. Where after the product release city car ford fiesta named, Honda did not want to compete with products issued jazz city car with a new type is named the new Honda Jazz.

For the price of new Ford Fiesta and Honda Jazz is also very competitive. Where the price of Ford Fiesta priced in dollars 230juta and jazz are also priced the same 230juta for his first promo. Now let us discuss in terms of the interior of each product of this city car.
Ford Fiesta is put in the field of foreign and interior is elegant and like a sports car. Where is the Ford Fiesta headlights contrived narrow and elongated with the aim of giving the impression of sporty and elegant style. Beside that also can be seen in terms of interior in the Ford Fiesta looks more exclusive and luxurious impressed with the audio which is supported by sound waves can be selected through the driver. In addition, the Ford Fiesta also has a mobile phone, where riders can pick up the phone by simply connecting the bluetooth phone with the Ford Fiesta car audio

And now we discussed about the interior of the new Honda Jazz car which according to observations, the new Honda Jazz only slightly amended section only interior front. And for the interior in, your dashboard new Honda Jazz also has the impression of elegance and also the speedometer which changed the shape is more sporty.

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