Monday, July 25, 2011

Avanza 2012 | New Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza 2012 - toyota avanza car will soon release a new plan in 2012 which will be marketed first in India. Avanza able to become a best-selling car this year by acquiring the purchase of approximately 2000 units worldwide toyota avanza. Avanza avanza favored by many people due to a car keluaraga affordable compared to other family cars.

Avanza 2012 this plan will be released around the end of this year with her ​​new look with a design that overhauled the interior either inside or outside the interior is very different from previous avanza. The new Avanza is visible from the outside like a body toyota innova. And the rear lights look almost like artificial lights nissan livina.

However, according to rumors that the engine will be used avanza 2012 tidakj is intentionally almost no change in the CC 1500 and also design a machine that not many changes from the previous avanza car design. Judging from its shape, avanza 2012 underwent radical changes from the previous model even Avanza Indian public expect the interior as Etios

Here are some photos avanza 2012 that will be launched later this year:

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