Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smadav 8.6 | Download

Antivirus Smadav 8.6 recently been released and updated on July 10, 2011, where is the addition smadav 8.6 or renewal of antivirus smadav 2011 version 8.5. smadav although one local antivirus sites, but the antivirus smadav has proved successful in protecting your computer from virus attacks. Smadav was created by the Indonesian people would but have been unable to compete ddengan non local antivirus like AVG or antivir antivirus which has evolved as an antiviral long outside.Besides the locally made smadav antivirus is still there as antivirus more artav made ​​or created by a child as young as sebelasan year. So now many emerging local antivirus creation made ​​in Indonesia, we participated sebaikknya proud because our country has been able to create your own antivirus.

Smada 8.6 is equipped with the latest addition of the virus database and its variants for a total addition of approximately 100 virus and its variants and in addition smadav 8.6 also did some improvements and the addition of new features. Here are some of the features added by smadav 8.6:
• Detection of virus specific to Ramnit, Sality, & OneLetter that spreads via USB Flash Disk.
•. Completion Smadav-Updater feature.
• Addition of a new virus database 100. Total all the 4950 virus and its variants

To be able to use the additional features of smadav 8.6 completely, you should download 8.6 pro download smadav that provides full-featured smadav 2011 update. Smadav 8.6 can be downloaded at for the time being users who perform the update smadav smadav approximately 8.6 thousand people both local and non local origin

Smadav Rev 8.6 Pro Key Full Version 2011: download now

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