Monday, July 4, 2011

Google Plus | Google+

Google Plus is a social networking site that recently released by Google, where plus google it has the capabilities and functions that mimic social networking sites like facebook and friendster. site Google plus it's the first to test the login google + is simply a way of invited friends who have been registered in the account google it, but on Tuesday 4 July 2011 Google has opened a google plus to the public so people generally are able to login directly without being invited first first from a friend who has been listed in account google plus.

Google plus opened to the public to coincide on the U.S. Independence Day on 4 July., Where there are many users waiting for google plus can be opened in public. After a google site is released in general it is to stop the feature invitation. The reason, the public is too great enthusiasm well above expectations considering the services Google is still testing it.

Google Plus can be accessed by visiting the website address and The following are the steps to login google plus:

* Create a gmail account as your e-mail

* Or Log in using your Gmail account is already owned.

* For prospective users who may not have a Gmail account can register (sign up) prior to starting register or log in account google plus.

Plus google site is believed to be a killer facebook site with additional features and functions of the other social networks.

Here are some additional features that will be the mainstay google plus to defeat several rival other social networking sites:
1. Hangouts.
This is a conferencing service is more than two people with a video call.
2. Sparks.
This feature connects the individuals in this network to people who have the same interests towards something.
3. Huddle.
This service provides the groups in this network to send instant messages.
4. Circles.
Service functions to include the names of friends into groups and users can share content sesame our friends

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